The following options are available for teachers and educators in formal and informal learning settings:

School Field Trips

Teachers and Educators, have you considered a field trip to the Plankhouse? One of the main goals of the Plankhouse Project and the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is to educate school aged children about the thriving culture and wildlife that existed on the Lower Columbia River prior to European American settlement. During the 2008-2009 school year over 3000 school aged children visited the Plankhouse, and Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. If you would like to receive more information on Environmental and Cultural Education or would like to schedule a trip to the refuge and/or Plankhouse, contact Josie Finley, Park Ranger and Volunteer Coordinator, at 360-887-4106 or to receive a pre-visit trip questionnaire.

Traveling Education Kit

For teachers and students that can not make it out to the Plankhouse or would like pre-trip activities, the Discover Cathlapotle! Environmental and Heritage Education kit is available for loan. Educators in non-traditional learning environments can also borrow the kit.

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Educator’s Field Trip Guide

The Friends of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge offer an Educator’s Field Trip Guide which includes Plankhouse information and activities. Teacher Trainings are also offered periodically throughout the year and teachers are able to get clock hours for their completion of the training. Check the calendar for upcoming teacher training or contact (360) 887-9495.