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To find all unique birds sighted between any time period from July 2011 and today's date, click on the beginning date and ending date in the date boxes above and press submit. The default dates as shown are from January 1 to today's date.

The sightings below are a compilation of all the weekly bird sightings since the beginning of this year, January 1. The abundance symbols are designated as when first seen.

Good Luck and Happy Birding!

Greater White-fronted Goose **Semipalmated Sandpiper ***Barn Swallow
Snow Goose ***Western Sandpiper **Black-capped Chickadee
Cackling Goose Least Sandpiper Chestnut-backed Chickadee **
Canada Goose Baird's Sandpiper ***Bushtit **
Tundra Swan Pectoral Sandpiper **Red-breasted Nuthatch **
Wood Duck Dunlin ***White-breasted Nuthatch
Gadwall Short-billed Dowitcher ***Brown Creeper **
American Wigeon Long-billed Dowitcher **Bewick's Wren
Mallard Wilson's Snipe **House Wren **
Blue-winged Teal ***Wilson's Phalarope ****Pacific Wren **
Cinnamon Teal Red-necked Phalarope ***Marsh Wren **
Northern Shoveler Bonaparte's Gull unrGolden-crowned Kinglet
Northern Pintail Ring-billed Gull **Ruby-crowned Kinglet **
Green-winged Teal California Gull ***Swainson's Thrush **
Redhead ***Herring Gull ***American Robin
Ring-necked Duck **Thayer's Gull acVaried Thrush **
Lesser Scaup Glaucous-winged Gull ***European Starling
Bufflehead Caspian Tern ***American Pipit
Common Goldeneye ***Black Tern acCedar Waxwing
Hooded Merganser **Rock Pigeon **Orange-crowned Warbler **
Common Merganser **Band-tailed Pigeon ***Yellow Warbler ***
Ruddy Duck Eurasian Collared-Dove **Yellow-rumped Warbler **
Pied-billed Grebe Mourning Dove **Black-throated Gray Warbler **
Horned Grebe ****Barn Owl ***Townsend's Warbler ***
American White Pelican ****Great Horned Owl **Common Yellowthroat
Double-crested Cormorant **Barred Owl ****Wilson's Warbler ***
American Bittern **Short-eared Owl ***Western Tanager **
Great Blue Heron Vaux's Swift Spotted Towhee
Great Egret **Anna's Hummingbird **Chipping Sparrow ****
Green Heron ***Rufous Hummingbird **Savannah Sparrow
Black-crowned Night-Heron ****Belted Kingfisher **Fox Sparrow **
Turkey Vulture Lewis's Woodpecker acSong Sparrow
Osprey Red-breasted Sapsucker ***Lincoln's Sparrow **
Bald Eagle Downy Woodpecker **Swamp Sparrow ****
Northern Harrier Hairy Woodpecker ***White-throated Sparrow ****
Sharp-shinned Hawk ***Northern Flicker White-crowned Sparrow
Cooper's Hawk **Pileated Woodpecker ***Golden-crowned Sparrow
Red-shouldered Hawk **Olive-sided Flycatcher ***Dark-eyed Junco
Red-tailed Hawk Western Wood-Pewee **Black-headed Grosbeak ***
Rough-legged Hawk ***Willow Flycatcher **Lazuli Bunting ****
American Kestrel Dusky Flycatcher acRed-winged Blackbird
Merlin **Pacific-slope Flycatcher ***Western Meadowlark **
Peregrine Falcon **Warbling Vireo ***Yellow-headed Blackbird ****
Virginia Rail **Steller's Jay Brewer's Blackbird **
Sora **Western Scrub-Jay Brown-headed Cowbird **
American Coot American Crow Bullock's Oriole ****
Sandhill Crane Common Raven **Purple Finch **
Black-bellied Plover ****Horned Lark acHouse Finch
Semipalmated Plover ***Purple Martin **Red Crossbill ****
Killdeer Tree Swallow **Pine Siskin ***
Greater Yellowlegs Violet-green Swallow **Lesser Goldfinch unr
Lesser Yellowlegs **N. Rough-winged Swallow ***American Goldfinch
Solitary Sandpiper ***Bank Swallow **Evening Grosbeak ***
Spotted Sandpiper ***Cliff Swallow **House Sparrow **cu

** Uncommon
*** Occasional
**** Rare
ac Accidental
unr Unrecorded
cu Only at Carty Unit

Total unique birds seen during this time period: 162

Sightings this timeframe have been contributed by: Al Larrabee, Alex Chmielewski, Barry Woodruff, Bill Bradford, Bob Flores, Carol Ledford, Cindy McCormack, Jennifer Wolcott, Jim Danzenbaker, John Bishop, Linda Forsgren, Lyn Topinka, Randy Hill, Roger Windemuth, Ron Friesz


For information contact Roger Windemuth

Note! All seasonal and abundance symbols and designations are taken from the Modified "Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Wildlife Checklist"