The Friends of the Ridgefield National Wildlife would like to thank its sponsors for their support of all our activities, events, and educational opportunities:

2015 Sponsor Logos

Business Sponsorship Opportunities

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to our local history, culture and unique natural resources. Have your company name be synonymous with education, conservation, and environmental awareness. Your partnership with the Friends is key to the future and success of the breathtaking Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Share in the value of nature and wildlife, culture and education; help preserve this natural treasure and create new stewards for future generations. As the number of visitors increase and the plans to serve them develop, your company can invest and connect with the community.

Be a part of this moment. Be a part of this vision. Be a part of this Refuge.

Your sponsorship will be used specifically to educate visitors to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge by contributing to our programs. With the Friends aspiring to inspire others to learn, and the Refuge providing many ways to reach and teach visitors through cultural history and habitat restoration, you can be confident your money is benefiting the community. Here are ways your contribution could work for the Refuge:


$10,000+ Contribution

  • Transport over 2,000 students out to the Refuge
  • Sponsor the entire Artist-in-Residence Series providing 3 artists that serve over 900 students and over 300 visitors
  • Sponsor community outreach programs that can draw a crowd of 5,000

$5,000+ Contribution

  • Transport over 1,000 students out to the Refuge
  • Sponsor the entire Second Sunday Series reaching over 1,500 visitors through presentations, demonstrations and activities
  • Sponsor tours of the Plankhouse and Refuge during community outreach events

$3,000+ Contribution

  • Sponsor a traditional Salmon Bake event coordinated by local tribes, connecting 500 individuals to a cultural tradition
  • Protect 600 ash and willow trees from beavers

$1,000+ Contribution

  • Commission replica artifacts in the Plankhouse, enhancing the experiences of 5,000 students
  • Sponsor an Artist-in-Residence demonstration of Chinookan art and culture
  • Sponsor a Second Sunday Series event featuring presentations and activities in Chinookan culture, archaeology and natural history

$500 Contribution

  • Educate 100 students with our experiential program
  • Co-ordinate a work day to remove 400 invasive plants
  • Purchase 250 native trees and tube protectors

All sponsors will have their logo placed on our webpage, linking to your website. For those companies contributing $1,000 – $5,000, their business will be featured in our E-newsletter circulated to more than 1,250 refuge supporters. Contributions of $10,000+ will also have a business interview posted on the Friends’ website. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent the law allows. Only a very small fraction of your donation dollar goes toward administrative costs.


Volunteering with the Friends

Realizing the strength in building communities, many corporations encourage their employees to volunteer. Due to the seasonal requirements of the Refuge, we always have a number of projects ready to go and would be thrilled to work alongside interested employees. The habitat restoration schedule can be found under the Volunteer section of our website.

 Partner with us today to preserve our nature, wildlife and history for tomorrow.

Donate on-line or by mail to:

Friends of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
P.O. Box 1022, Ridgefield, WA 98642